The Learning Curve

When I re-launched my business in 2017, I thought for sure I would want to take photos of babies all day long. After pointing my Nikon at a few ‘new to this world’ littles, I became intimidated and kind of afraid to touch them. What a big responsibility. Round of applause for the baby photographers out there!

I have learned that I love love love taking preschool portraits. This is something that wasn’t on my radar. I thought it would be stressful. Turns out, I shine bright and I know how to get the littles to respond. Kindof a funny side note; years ago I wasn’t able to go anywhere without a little coming up to me in a crowd asking me if I could help them find their mom. Who knew I would become the mom to some of those through foster care. But anyhow, kids apparently see something in me that I am unaware of. I don’t get it, but I am in love with the photographic result.

My past photography career was saturated with a wedding every weekend; always the photographer never a bridesmaid. I showed up at youth sports events every chance I could get to take action photos. A dream come true for me would have been Sports Illustrated, camera in hand in an end zone. I am not into knowing much of game rules, but I am into capturing action and cheering on every kid regardless of team uniform.

Photography is different this time around. Everyone has a camera in their back pocket. Sure, iPhone photos aren’t as good as what a professional might take, but for some, it’s good enough. Action sports photos used to sell like hotcakes; but times have changed. I have had to learn how to take action photography to the next level. My love/hate relationship with Photoshop has turned into more love than hate.

I appreciate being a part of a community that has embraced me and my work. I am learning what is working and what isn’t. I am committed to continue learning and implementing the latest trends to offer products you will cherish. I want to serve my community well by giving back when I can and by being a business owner you can count on.

Most days, I feel like an old dog trying to learn new tricks. But I am keeping my eye on the ball., tightening my grip on the bat and hoping for a home run.

A big THANK YOU to all of you that believe in me. I believe in you too. xo

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