organized teams

I believe that sports photos should be taken on the field of play. I offer flexibility that works with the schedule of your organization in order for this to happen. A natural backdrop tells part of the story and opens dialog with future generations.

Your time is valuable. You can count on Eight & Company to be courteous, professional and to run on time. As if having great photographs isn’t enough, your organization will receive a kickback from the sales. That is a WIN for everyone!

Images are printed by Miller Pro Imaging and will have a quick delivery date. Everyone’s favorite products are available; memory mates, buttons, keychains, magnets, trading cards and more!


As a parent, I am tired of writing big checks for mediocre photographs. I want the littlest athletes to have photos every bit as cool as [if not cooler than] the varsity. I have a love for sports photography and I believe in youth sports.

Let me advocate for the casual pose for a moment. Did you know that when I line up a team for photos, the taller kids say “I am in the back” and point to smaller kids to direct them to the front? There is a time and a place for a traditional team photo, and yes, height placement is more pleasing for that pose. But is it a-okay with me to make the smallest kid feel equal to the tallest. And the casual pose? Well, it’s way more fun.

My name is Lori Tester. I want to be the photographer for your organization.