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me & my little co.

Lori Tester  Photographer & Owner of Eight & Co., limited

Lori Tester

Photographer & Owner of Eight & Co., limited

I fell in love with photography soon after high school. Since then, I have captured tens of thousands of images.

I have lived through the transition from film, darkrooms and manual cameras to the wonderful world of digital imaging.

I am a creative. I am an introvert. I am the daughter of a shoe salesman. I totally get my creativity from my mother.

I am a wife.

I am a mother x 6 + 2 and counting.

I am a grand x 2.

I am not a ‘line them up and take their photo’ type of photographer. I am obsessed with the photographic style of Annie Leibovitz.

I want everyone who looks into my lens to feel as comfortable as possible.

My name is Lori Tester. I want to be your photographer.


And if you are lucky enough

you just might see one of these faces helping out on photo day.

Except for our pup Jack. He has to stay home.